7 — 8 September 2019

Songwriters of the selected 12 songs for the Finale Concert, will be entitled to attend a fully-sponsored Masterclass sessions where their songs will be individually heard and critiqued upon by established, renowned songwriters, Eric林秋离 and Real 阿沁. With the tips and knowledge gained from the Masterclasses, the participating songwriters could improve on their song (if they wish to) to be presented at the Finale Concert.

Eric林秋离is one of Taiwan’s outstanding lyricist in the music industry. He has penned many lyrics of popular hit songs by singers such as A-Do, JJ Lin Jun Jie, A-Mei Zhang Hui Mei, Hu Xia, etc. Over the years, he is also a famous record producer for artistes like A-Do and JJ Lin Jun Jie.

Real阿沁is a Taiwanese singer and guitarist from the Taiwanese band F.I.R.. He is also also a music composer and producer, published nearly 400 works in 15 years of debut. Over the years, he has composed many hit songs to popular singers such as Angela Zhang, Jolin Tsai, Show Lo, Nicky Lee, S.H.E, etc.. Recent years, Real setup a music academy in Taiwan, committing to music promotion and education.

More details on Masterclasses will be released soon. Please stay tuned.

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