Festival Rules & Regulations

  1. All participants must be aged 15 years old and above (participants should be born on or before 31 December 2004)
  2. Participants must either be Singapore Citizens, Singapore PR or foreigners living in Singapore with a valid student or work visa or long-term visiting pass.
  3. Employees of The Organisers and their immediate family members are not eligible for participation.
  4. All personal details submitted must be accurate and complete with verification made available upon request. The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify incomplete or inaccurate entries
  5. Incomplete, indecipherable, ineligible or incorrect entries will be disqualified at The Organisers discretion. The Organisers will not accept any responsibility for entries lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged or undelivered. The Organisers shall not be responsible for technical errors in telecommunication networks, Internet access or otherwise preventing entry to the Contest.
  6. Past SG:SW winners will not be considered for the same category for the following year. However, past SG:SW winners are welcome to participate in the festival and still be considered for other categories if so applicable.
  7. Co-written song entries (multiple songwriters) can be submitted for selection, however, a consent form from all songwriters has to be included during submission.
  8. Participants may submit multiple entries, with a maximum of 3 sets of lyrics and 3 sets of melody composition in total, . Only the first six entries (three sets of lyrics and three sets of melody) received by The Organisers will be considered , should more than the requisite entries be received.
    Accepted entries, for example:
    Scenario 1: 3 Lyrics by Songwriter A (Melodies by Songwriter B) + 3 Melodies by Songwriter A (Lyrics by Songwriter B)
    Scenario 2:  3 Lyrics & Melodies by Songwriter A
    Scenario 3: 2 Lyrics & Melodies by Songwriter A + 1 Lyrics by Songwriter A (Melody by Songwriter B) + 1 Melody by Songwriter A (Lyrics by Songwriter B)
  9. Any personal information, including without limitation, the songwriter’s name, age, address (including postcode), telephone number and/or email address will be used solely in connection with this Festival and will not be disseminated without express permission from the participants. Participants who have granted permission to disclose his/her personal information to a third party, absolves The Organisers from all responsibilities in relation to the disclosure of such information.
  10. The Organisers reserve the right to terminate the Festival and / or to modify and / or amend the Rules and Regulations prior to the Closing Date, at its sole and absolute discretion. Any such amendments and modifications shall be notified via the Festival Website, and such amendments and modifications shall be effective immediately, applicable to all entries, including entries that have been submitted to The Organisers.

By registering and submitting entries for this Festival, the participant declares, acknowledges and agrees that

  1. Contents of the entries submitted for the Festival are original works belonging to the respective names as stated in the entry.
  2. The Organisers reserve the right to remove and disqualify any entries which breach the copyright of any existing literary or musical works under the Singapore Copyright Act.
  3. The Organisers reserve all rights to use the names, photos, submitted song(s), audios, music and any other relevant information of the participant provided for marketing and promotional efforts of this festival without further notice and compensation.
  4. The “Best Song Award”, “Lyrics (Merit) Award”, “Melody (Merit) Award”, “Best Vocal Performance Award” and “Popularity Award (Public Voting)” will be produced and compiled into a physical and digital EP for use and dissemination at The Organisers’ The Organisers reserves the right to record, produce and release the “Best Song Award”, “Lyrics (Merit) Award”, “Melody (Merit) Award”, “Best Vocal Performance Award” and “Popularity Award (Public Voting)” without any upfront royalty payment. Therefore, by submitting your original work to this festival, the songwriter(s) acknowledges and agrees that no upfront royalty fee will be compensated to the songwriters and their respective music publishers (if any) should the submitted song be recorded and released as part of the winning prize.
  5. All professionally recorded songs shall be archived and made available at MusicSG (National Library Board). MusicSG is a non-profit digital archive set up to digitise, archive and provide access to all forms of published Singapore musical works. It assembles a collection of music composed or published by Singaporeans, music produced or published in Singapore, and music related to Singapore.
  6. The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify the song and recover all prizes awarded to the songwriter(s) in addition to recovering any costs dispensed for the production of the winning songs.
  1. The Open Call Submission is valid from 18 May 2019 to 14 July 2019, 23:59 hrs.
  2. All entries must be submitted through our online submission page, complete with the participants’ Application Form, Song Demo & Lyrics.
  3. Song entries must be original compositions complete with melody and lyrics and should be a good demo representation of the song. The songs must contain a minimum of 50% Mandarin to qualify, with the remainder percentage of lyrics to be in any of the 4 main Singapore languages (Eg: English, Mandarin, Malay  and Tamil).
  4. Songs should be submitted in MP3 format only (file size not bigger than 10MB) via our official Festival website (sgsw2019.sgsw.sg). Hard-copy submissions will not be
  5. Submission of lyrics in PDF format is compulsory. Full name of all Lyricists, Composers & Music Publishers (if any) should be stated clearly in the lyric submission.
  6. Lyrics must not contain content that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, defamatory, blasphemous, libellous, and offensive; or contain content that promotes bigotry, racism, harm against any group / individual or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age etc..
  7. Songs used for submission to SGSW must not be previously released either in a physical format (i.e. Single, EP and full-length album CD, etc.) or digitally (i.e iTunes, Spotify, KKBOX, etc.). Links should be indicated for songs which have been released on YouTube, SoundCloud or other free music sharing portals.
  8. Song demos must be backed by at least one musical instrument, eg: guitar or piano.
  9. All song entries must be received before 14 July 2019, 23:59 hrs.
  10. Songs received by The Organisers will not be returned.
  1. Song entries received through the Open Call will be curated, and 48 song entries will be selected to be showcased via live performances at various venues in August 2019. Participants who are selected are required to decide on their song’s live performance format (be it as a solo act, group act or with a band etc).
  2. Songs must be performed with a minimum of 1 live music instrument (eg: Guitar, Keyboard, Ukelele, etc) or as a band set up (maximum 5-piece band comprising of guitars, bass, keyboard and drums, excluding vocals). Minus-one track accompaniment in addition to the performance condition fore-mentioned is permissiable. All performance costs (if any) incurred during the Live Showcase will be at the participants’ expense (eg: vocalists / musicians).
  3. It is compulsory for all selected participants to submit their photos and personal particulars for the Festival promotional purposes.
  4. A standard backline – drum set, keyboard, guitar & bass amplifiers will be provided by The Organisers for the Live Showcases. Additional musical instruments required by the participants are allowed at their own expense and subject to The Organisers’ consent.
  5. The Live Showcases will be filmed and released online for public viewing and public voting. Industry Professionals will also be onsite to curate on the songs performed.
  6. 12 participants will be chosen at the end of the four Live Showcases. These 12 participants are eligible to attend the 2 Masterclasses & perform at the Finale Concert.
  7. The Organisers reserve the right, without prejudice to any other rights under the Festival Rules and Regulations to decide and/or disqualify the participants selected for the Masterclasses, and no correspondence pertaining to the decision will be entertained.
  1. Songwriters selected for the Finale Concert, will be entitled to attend two fully-sponsored masterclass sessions. The finalists’ songs will be critiqued by established and renowned songwriters during the masterclasses for further improvement
  2. With the tips and knowledge gained from the Masterclasses, the participating songwriters could improve on their song (if they wish to) to be presented at the Finale Concert on 28th September 2019.
  3. All songwriters who have performed during the 4 Live Showcases are welcomed to attend the two fully-sponsored masterclass sessions on 7 September 2019 and 8 September 2019.
  1. Participants are also required to decide and present their finale song (i.e. performance format etc)
  2. Songs must be performed with a minimum of 1 live music instrument (eg: Guitar, Keyboard, Ukelele, etc) or as a band set up (maximum 5-piece band comprising of guitars, bass, keyboard and drums, excluding vocals). Minus-one track accompaniment in addition to the performance condition fore-mentioned is permissiable.
  3. The engagement of any vocalists and musicians to perform their song at the Finale Concert will be at participant’s own expense.
  4. Awards will be presented at the end of the Finale Concert to recognize outstanding songs presented at the Festival, with the most prestigious title being the “Best Song”.
  5. The awarded “Best Song”, “Lyrics (Merit)”, “Melody (Merit)”, “Best Vocal Performance” and “Popularity Award (Public Voting)” will then be professionally recorded, released and promoted on local radio stations. A music video will also be produced and to be released on either a digital or physical album at the discretion of The Organisers.
  6. The awardee of “Best Song”, “Lyrics (Merit)”, “Melody (Merit)”, “Best Vocal Performance” and “Popularity Award (Public Voting)” will be required to participate in media interviews for the promotion of the songs.
  7. Winners are required to perform in SG:SW and The Organisers events as part of their song promotion within one (1) year from the date of Finale Concert. These performances are subject to the availability of the performers and each performance will be compensated with a mutally agreed remuneration.
  8. Six awards will be presented during the Finale Concert:
    1. Popularity Award (Public Voting)
    2. Best Performing Band Award
    3. Best Vocal Performance Award
    4. Lyrics (Merit) Award
    5. Melody (Merit) Award
    6. Best Song Award
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