Event Timeline

Open Call Submission

18 May 2019 — 7 July 2019

SG:SW I Write The Songs a nationwide Mandarin-Pop Song Writing Festival is now calling for submissions of original songs. The original songs submitted can be songs written by individuals or as a group (with consent from all songwriters involved). Entrants may submit multiple songs, with a maximum of 3 sets of lyrics and 3 sets of melody composition associated to each songwriter, regardless if the songs were submitted by themselves or other entrants.

Live Showcases

17, 18, 24 & 25 August 2019

The song entries received through the Open Call will be curated, and 48 song entries will be selected to be showcased via live performances at various venues. Live Showcases performances are based on creativity; the entrants of the selected songs are required to decide on their song’s live performance format (be it as a solo act, group act or with a band etc). However, it is compulsory for the song to be performed with at least 1 live music instrument (guitar, keyboard, ukulele etc).


7 — 8 September 2019

Songwriters of the selected 12 songs for the Finale Concert, will be entitled to attend a fully-sponsored Masterclass sessions where their songs will be individually heard and critiqued upon by established, renowned songwriters, Eric林秋离 and Real 阿沁. With the tips and knowledge gained from the Masterclasses, the participating songwriters could improve on their song (if they wish to) to be presented at the Finale Concert.

Finale Concert

28 September 2019

To encourage songwriters for writing more original songs, the Organizers will present 6 awards during the finale concert: Best Song Award, Popularity Award (Public Voting), Lyrics (Merit) Award, Melody (Merit) Award and Best Vocal Performance and Best Performing Band Award. Winning awards are not listed in any particular order.

Fringe Activity


SG:SW I Write The Songs Sharing Session

I Write The Songs Sharing Session is a program where invited speakers will educate the audiences on the history and development of the local Mandarin-Pop music industry. During this session, local singer-songwriters will also be invited to come along to perform and share their song writing experiences, to inspire and encourage those who are interested to participate actively in song writing.

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